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Discussion on: Which editor/IDE do you use and why?

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Parwat Kunwar

VS Code. I Loveeeeeeeeeeeee VS Code, well it's been nearly 6 months with vscode. In this time period i used many other editor/IDE also like atom, sublime which i previously used too before Code, I recommend this to everyone, Please have a try once....

The main keys to use VS Code:

  1. Peek View
  2. Intellisense
  3. Integrated Terminal
  4. Built-in Git
  5. Task Runner
  6. Built-In Node.js Debugger

These all features are built-in
Highly Recommended for all the JavaScript and NodeJs Developer's

There are many more awesome features...

Have a try once,
You can ThankMe Later!

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Ben Halpern Author

So many folks with good things to say about VS Code. This reply put me over the edge. Just downloaded it. πŸ™Œ

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Qiming Fang

VS Code also has really good support for TypeScript and tslint!

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Parwat Kunwar

You didn't thank me Ben.

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Jota Sprout

Similar discussion on the Issues page of Atom's GitHub repo pushed me over the edge. True story.

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John Woodruff

Seriously it is the best editor I've ever used, and I've heavily used others including Atom, Sublime, Webstorm, etc. You won't regret it. Make sure to get some of the many amazing extensions!

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Parwat Kunwar • Edited

That's true.

some of the extensions i use are:

  1. .ejs - Qassim Farid
  2. ESLint - Dirk Baeumer
  3. npm Intellisense - Christian Kohler
  4. path Intellisense - Christian Kohler
  5. VSCode Great Icons - Emmanuel Beziat
  6. Project Manager - Alessandro Fragnani
  7. Quokka.js - Wallaby.js
  8. TODO Highlight - Wayou Liu
  9. vscode-icons - Roberto Huertas

I don't use any snippets, Love to write code myself or just love to do CTRL+C and CTRL+V

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Eoin Murphy

Has anyone used VS Code on Mac? Just curious to see if it's worth looking into. Also heard amazing things about the built-in intellisense, is it really that good?

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Parwat Kunwar

VS Code on Mac is just Awesome.