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Bizarro - A Library for Messenger Platform

I have written four/five chatbots in the last couple of years. All of them were for Facebook's Messenger platform. Although these chatbots are pretty rudimentary, other than asking basic YES/NO questions, they pretty much can't do anything, I have taken great pleasure in building them from the ground up. After writing my third chatbots for my current employer, I have figured it's pretty difficult to write every functionality every time. Quick Reply, Postback, Typing on/off, Marked seen, different types of buttons, they all took a lot of time in the development process. I ended up spending a lot of time in between writing utility tools of these bots. And, since there was three/four months gap in between the development, I usually forgot what I was working on. So, I decided to build a library containing some of the common functionalities. I am not bragging (okay, probably a little bit!), it really made my life easier. I have developed and published it in PyPI a long time ago (six months I think, since the last major update). I was (still am) too scared to write anything about it. However, since the bot did not crash in last couple of months, I think it suffices to say, it has passed its beta period.

Github Link:

Bizarro supports the following features:

  1. Echo Back (Simple text reply)
  2. Quick Reply
  3. Typing On
  4. Marked Seen
  5. Button
      Postback Button
      Url Button
      Call Button
  6. Template
      Button Template
      Generic Template
      List Template

I haven't got time to work on the attachment reply on any of the functionalities. However, I think without them, they pretty much serve the good deeds. Feel free to test it out if you have got any time. Let me know if there's any bug/features you need. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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