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My #100DOC - Day 20

pablohs1986 profile image Pablo Herrero ・1 min read

Day 20: September 15, 2020

Today's Progress:

  1. Terminal/Shell Day (1h 30min):Today was a different day. I've been setting up my terminal (Windows Terminal) and testing a few shells (Git Bash, PowerShell, WSL + Bash), I even tried other terminals like Cmder, Cygwin, and Hyper. Finally my shell will continue to be Git Bash, although I have left Ubuntu and PowerShell ready in Windows Terminal.

What I learned:

  • Difference between terminal, console and shell,
  • How to set up WSL.
  • How to set up Windows Terminal, Cmder, Cygwin and Hyper.

Total time:

1h 30min.


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