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🎉 The state of CSS in 2019 🎉

Sacha Greif and Raphaël Benitte created a survey to collect, on a worldwide base, direct experiences of people working with CSS.

The goal was to create a detailed report able to document the state of CSS under different perspectives. I have to admit, the result is really impressive!!


I strongly advise to read the whole report online.

The document shows the participants demographics, salaries or years of experience. It reports which are the most used tools or layout units, people opinions about their experience with the CSS learning curve or best practices (eg. avoid meaningless class names like ".foo").
For sure everyone can get valuable insights from it and being able to confront with other colleagues around the globe.

Below just a few images from the report to stimulate your curiosity...







Read the report and learn what is the current state of CSS for 2019!!


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