GitHub vs GitLab vs BitBucket

pagalprogrammer profile image Ankit Beniwal 🙂 ・1 min read

Greetings comrades!!

I ask you all to opine on this very long standing debate. Which one is your favourite and why so?

Share your experiences around these tools.


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I'm a GitLab fanboy. I use bitbucket at work. And erybody else uses GitHub.

I don't like self hosting GitLab; it requires a lot of setup and resources now since they have added so many features. I don't like bitbucket's lake of emojis in comments and general non markdown approach. I don't like GitHub's overly simplistic shell around git; although they are adding more features now.

I like how fast GitHub is. I like how integrated bitbucket is with atlassian. I like how I can make GitLab do anything with its built in CI.

I'll probably continue using GitLab's free hosted site for a while. It is really nice! I love having CI and a registry built into the repo.