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Hello! I'm Pam, an engineer in the DC area with a background in architecture and design. I currently work in media coding in Ruby, Rails, and lots of Vanilla.js. I'll be moving from revenue work to systems engineering in a bit and I'm pretty excited about that! Advice from other systems engineers is always appreciated as I thread these new waters.

In my free time, I run an organization called Color Coded which is all about inclusivity and learning new skills in tech. Besides that, I'm working on learning some React and React Native for side projects and try to do a challenge daily on Exercism

Excited to be here!


Welcome, Pamela! Color Coded looks like an amazing organization. Please let me know once some Merch is available :)

Don't hesitate to start a #discuss thread to spur some conversation around systems engineering topics, and be sure to share the knowledge as you continue learning React / React Native.

Happy to have you here!

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