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Pamela Gilmour
Pamela Gilmour

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Intake Form using React and Django

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As our lives get increasingly productive, many people are not able to make time for themselves, and specifically, to keep up on healthcare appointments. A digital intake form would be useful for users who would rather fill out an intake form at home or on their own time and be able to receive results and treatment plans remotely.

The pandemic and life in quarantine has seen the use of e-health and remote medicine skyrocket as a lifeline for both clients/patients and practitioners alike.

Brief Demo:

I got started on a digital intake form for an independent health practitioner or even as a liasion to an EHR, a.k.a: an electronic health record app or website.

The Planning Process

I came up with this idea as a practitioner myself, as a solution for my own practice, in order to keep in touch with my existing clients (we all have crazy schedules) and to inspire potential clients to try out a new method of client and practitioner interaction through this digital version.

When I first plotted out the course of this project, I knew that it would be a grand undertaking so I broke it down into individual components and decided to tackle the most technical heavy aspect of the project. But looking back, this part of the project may have been the most challenging part of the project.

App Features

There are 2 main features of this project app:

  • a backend (built with Django) that houses intake questions and potentially, protected client responses.

  • a frontend (built with React) that displays questions brought in from the backend and that receives and saves the client’s responses from inputs.

Highs and Lows:


  • Coming back to React after a few weeks away was a little scary but went well.

  • This project was especially challenging for me. After my last several projects, I tried to try out something different this time and I definitely came up against far more road blocks.


  • Returning to React was not as scary as I thought it would be and I was really excited to pick up Bootstrap for the first time with relative ease.
  • Building the back-end with Django was chill. I did try out a new-to-me thing called enum as a choice field.

Things I would do differently

  • I think the biggest lesson learned from this project is that, when it comes to coding, things that seem straight forward are usually never straight forward. In the future I will prefer to err on over planning instead of getting stuck mid-project because of lack of planning.

  • Once I get thru this part of the app I will like to be able to add User Auth and get my app to be HIPPAA compliant!

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Anyl Pascal

Nicely done!