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VCare - To Donate, raise awareness and spread hope!

Team Declaration

Team Name - Hi5

Name Student ID Number Github Handle
Team Leader D R M P Dehigama 2018CS036 PamodyaDR
Member 1 H M M M De Silva 2018CS032 malshi-madurangi
Member 2 I M K Wijekoon 2018IS095 IsharaW
Member 3 W D S V Wimalasiri 2018IS096 SandaniWimalasiri
Member 4 A W R S Hemachandra 2018IS029 RSH17

What we are building

Sri Lankans are known for their generosity and kind-heartedness. On TV and radio broadcasts, on social media pages like Facebook, Instagram, etc. we see and hear about many fundraisers and donation requests from all over the country. Yet many who are in need of such funds and support whether it’s for educational purposes or for medical situations so on, their voices go unheard because they cannot reach potential funders and vice versa.
And also there’s the issue where some funds get scammed and misused in the name of charity. To bring the potential funders, eligible fund receivers, Grama Niladhari of the relevant Division who acts as a middle authority that oversees the validity of the information given by those who request for funds and the non-profit organization that maintains the funds with respect to the privacy of the involved parties and gather them on one platform will be an ideal solution.

VCare is a website to connect all on one platform; to donate, raise awareness and spread hope!

Who will join hands with us?
Potential Funders
Eligible Fund Receivers
Grama Niladhari of the Relevant Division of the Fund Receiver
Non-Profit Organizations

How it works

VCare, concerning the privacy concerns of the fund receivers, will publish fund requests while certifying information given via Grama Niladhari of the responsible Division, and funders across the country can register on the website and publish your donation motive. As the mediators, the non-profit organization will match potential donors and fund recipients. Upon successful submission, the donor will receive a thank you message as a notification, and when the fund receiver’s request is fulfilled, the request post will be taken down. VCare would also support fundraising for legit charity projects of youth organizations, schools, universities, etc.

How we built it

[Initial Update]
We discussed about the ideas but couldn't come decide on one.

[Update 2]
We created a repository in Github as Hi5 and also discussed and finalized the idea VCare.
Since we were busy with academics we were unable to contribute much to this.

[Final Update]
We drew wireframes using Figma to illustrate our UI design. We began on implementation but couldn't complete back-end development but completed on necessary UIs.


It was much similar to the thrill that comes with a last-minute assignment submission since we literally managed all work at the last moment! It was a novel experience for some of us who haven’t had much practice with Github and Figma, we had fun experimenting with them. The team had so many ideas when brainstorming and came up with this close to the hours of the deadline. Nevertheless, it has been a great opportunity and time well spent!

Demo Link

Demo Link:

Link to Code


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