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OSD700 Game plan

In my last semester at Seneca, I want to take as much knowledge before leaving school.
This semester I continued Open sources development. I want to keep this kind of working environment. It's preparing me for the working environment.

OSD700 will mainly focus on Telescope project and its upstream dependency. The main goal is to ship Telescope release 3.0 at the end of the semester.
OSD700 is different than OSD600, here are the difference I noticed

  • You work as a team to maintain Telescope
  • You become a sheriff in your assigned week (A sheriff is a person that gonna be like an on-call role, lead meeting, and maintaining the repo)

This class offers what usually a product owner or senior dev does for maintaining a product in a real environment.

I'm super excited to contribute to this. Learn some new stuff I have never done it before or go deeper in some area. This class will not gonna be easy, it will be my most time-consuming class. This semester I will have a busier schedule than usual. This is the time to find my limit and also will help to have better time management.

I want to be full-stack dev, but I have a small preference for backend dev.

I recently hear about Turborepo partnering with Vercel, I'm thinking maybe it would be cool to try to implement it into the telescope monorepo. I will also learn more about monorepo management.

Since I'm taking a cloud computing class this semester, I want to work with microservices, which would involve learning Docker, AWS.

And finally, I want to improve my React/Next.js skill for the front-end part, and maybe learn Redux since it's a skill to have when being a web dev.

This would be my game plan for now. I'm looking forward and working with this amazing community.

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