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I just watched other people create things that I really liked and I wanted to become the creator 😄 After that I read books, articles, tutorials, and practiced a lot. A lot of practice allowed me to find my first job, where I could study with more experienced colleagues


While studying computer science I got an internship at a financial firm. Then I switched to another internship at Mastercard. I was their very first intern, so to this day I was the youngest person ever on their standard payroll. I did tech support and other technical stuff in HR. I connected with a development manager and switched over to software development. I took a full time position there after graduating.


After college, where I studied art, I spent two years working freelance for a small mobile game developer and due to the size and nature of the games and people on the team I had to wear so many hats that I was coding and administrating the art pipeline more than I was actually making art. Same with personal art projects, I spent more time working on tools than pushing out finished art. After I left the mobile team I landed my first job in an official tech capacity working as a Technical Artist for a AAA game studio and I've been following that career path since.