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I love being a software developer.

I don't love working with some companies and/or developers. Why?

  • No recognition whatsoever. For many managers, software development is just production. Like you would produce a car: you just repeat the same things for any software. Well... no.

  • We are only there to follow the dream of our managers. In my experience, not many managers really listen to developers. Even if we spend our time solving problems.

  • Toxic competitive culture mixed with crazy ego. How many developers I worked with who claimed they had the best solution because of more stars on Github, more points on StackOverflow, more score in their last IQ test? Too many. They often implement crazy design to show who's the best. Nobody understand what they've done when they leave.

  • Interview for software developers are broken. In so many ways.

  • Technologies are chosen for their trendy appeal instead of objective facts.

On the other hand, I love building things. I love working with people who stay open minded. I love to work with many different people who help me question my own belief. I love to grow, and I love to help others.


I enjoy the challenges it brings and how im able to build tools for people to use. I love stepping back after a project delivery and what my team and I have built. Making the world more capable is gratifying to me. Software development when take you into virtually any industry and that flexibility will allow you to not just write code, which is fun in it of itself, but write code for things youre excited about. For me it's hospitality and humanitarian projects :)


Yes and no.

There are parts of being a software developer I love! Getting stuck into a good problem, coming up with edge cases and talking the security and ops of it I love!

But I would very happily skip ending up in long repeating architecture discussions to figure out how to get started on a problem and how we are going to string 10 different services together. (Not to say that talking architecture is a problem, just the way it sometimes ends up happening)


Being a developer can and should be fun. Working as a developer can be fun, but usually isn't in my experience. With this, I mean work is work, and work can be not very fun at times. But not because development itself is not fun.


Yeah, this is my view. If it were fun and enjoyable all the time, no one would pay for it. It's going to be work. It's going to have tedious parts. It's going to be doing whatever you get paid to do not whatever you want to do or think should be done. But that's any job.


It depends on your attitude. If you like to sit around 8-10 hours a day, then, why not. Joking aside, if u are interested and enjoy tech staff, it can be. There tons of advantages and disadvantages of being a software developer.
Like most of the other career paths, you have to always keep yourself updated. Reading and exercising and exercising and reading... endless loop.
I'm not gonna elaborate everything in here ...It does not make sense. You have to find yourself if it is fun or not. If u are not a developer atm, just start 1-3 months to learn something and evaluate your feeling. I believe u will get your answer.


It's like solving puzzles for a living.

Sometimes it's a little frustrating but at the same time it's challenging. Some people say that you're only happy when you don't know you're being happy. If that's true then being a developer is fun but most of the time you're not aware of being entertained. It's a zen contemplative kind of happiness, not a "haha this is so fun" one.

There's also the people you'll work with. Most of the time is creative intelligent people so that's always rewarding. I wouldn't change my profession for any other.


Sometimes. If you like creating things with your knowledge of code and your job intersects with what you find interesting about being a dev, sure. Otherwise being a dev can be hell. Like looking for a solution to unknown errors, reading messy code, really bugs of any kind can send any good dev crazy, and that's sadly not the worst of it.


It's like any other job - it has its ups and downs.
If you do it professionally (meaning you do what you have to do and not what you want to do), it may take some mental work to find the fun in it.


If I do it for myself? yeah. if I do it for others? sometimes. do I like to do it? yes!