Why are software developers using a MacBook? There are many alternatives that are cheaper and work just as fine.

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Actually I'm thinking the same about developers on Windows (aside from the "cheaper" argument). :D I constantly see stressed out developers that try to overcome Windows limitations especially in frontend development.

But basically it's just a matter of taste. macOS has Unix tools that Windows lacks and (in my eyes) the best UI there is and Linux is constantly failing for me in terms of easy and consistent UI.

Also in a company where the office tools are set fixed to Microsoft, macOS integrates better.


The image of Windows/Microsoft has changed in the recent years. They now own gitHub, they have Azure and Code Studio, they are in the Linux Foundation. MS Win is catching up. I know lots of developers (mostly for big enterprises) who are coding with MS Win and like it.


Yes they have and I pretty much like what they are doing there but still most frontend development frameworks leaves out Windows or requires the developer jump through many hoops.

But after all it's all a matter of personal taste. I'm tired of flame wars as I fought too many.

I agree. Didn't want to start a flame war either. I was just curious to know and stated my (fully subjective) 2 cents.


You can usually install frontend frameworks using just npm/cdn and that's it? Curious what kind of framework people have issues with.

Now backend that's a different story...

  • unix like environment with most linux tools
  • homebrew
  • 16:10 display
  • battery life

I've been thinking the same thing after buying a Macbook pro in 2016. Don't get me wrong, I've enjoyed the having it. But if my Macbook was suddenly eaten by a pack of rabid wolves, I'd be almost as happy running Linux on a newer and less expensive PC laptop. The bells and whistles that come with a Mac are nice-haves, but are certainly not must-haves.


OSX is fully UNIX compliant. Linux is not. Did you know that?


For real? No, I didn't know that.


All OSX versions since 10.5 have been UNIX certified, exception made for 10.7. Linux OTOH is GNU, which is basically meant to be an open source, free rewrite of the original closed source UNIX code.

That's awesome! Thanks for sharing


Probably for iOS development, but aside from that I don't know.
Hopefully someone can enlighten us :)


That's the only point I can think of. XD


I think so, too. Except for maybe iOS development. But maybe there is something out there already


i have always used linux because I feel so comfortable. I just need enough ram and two screens for develop.