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The one thing I've been dying to make and not even to make money on it, but a very simple cryptocurrency exchange. There are all sorts of platforms out there that you can build your front end on and interact with their APIs with to get real trading occuring on your exchange. I think this will give me all sorts of different experience as I work through creating it. I don't expect it to be pretty by any means, just functional.

I also want to make a personal website. They seem to be all the rage lately. How about you? What are your first projects?


Oh, a cryptocurency exchange sounds interesting. How would it work? Do you have an idea how you would make it?

Also are you planing on uploading you personal website somewhere? You might also be able, if you're looking for a domain, to snatch one with a .dev TLD soon in february.

As for me two things that I'm working on currently.
First is blueprint(WIP name) which is a cli tool that I use to scaffold a new project with one command.

The other is a CMS system (similar to WordPress) that I'm making to work with BeakerBrowser and DatProject. Sure enough you can view the results of the CMS in an ordinary browser like Firefox, but you need BeakerBrowser to add new content. And in case you aren't familiar with Dat, it allows you to share content from you computer like it were a server.

Yep. Most of the groundwork is laid with some of the projects that are already out there and live. I could use 0x Protocol and set up a relayer to get liquidity from other exchanges running their protocol. I could also use Loopring and do similar by utilizing their APIs and order books, just kind of create a new front end for it.

Your projects sound awesome. One thing that you may want to look into is IPFS. It is similar to Dat in that it uses its own protocol for accessing files stored across people's computers.

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