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[AWS EKS] Setup Kubenetes Dashboard

step 0 - install package in linuux

sudo apt install jq curl

step 1 - deploy the K8s Metrics Server

DOWNLOAD_URL=$(curl --silent "" | jq -r .tarball_url)

DOWNLOAD_VERSION=$(grep -o '[^/v]*$' <<< $DOWNLOAD_URL)

curl -Ls $DOWNLOAD_URL -o metrics-server-$DOWNLOAD_VERSION.tar.gz

mkdir metrics-server-$DOWNLOAD_VERSION

tar -xzf metrics-server-$DOWNLOAD_VERSION.tar.gz --directory metrics-server-$DOWNLOAD_VERSION --strip-components 1

kubectl apply -f metrics-server-$DOWNLOAD_VERSION/deploy/1.8+/

step 2 - deploy the K8s dashboard

latest release of here:

export DASHBOARD_RELEASE={{ latest releaseversion }}

kubectl apply -f$DASHBOARD_RELEASE/aio/deploy/recommended.yaml

kubectl apply -f admin-service-account.yaml

step 3 - access the dashboard

kubectl -n kube-system describe secret $(kubectl -n kube-system get secret| grep {{ service_account_name }} | awk '{print $1}')

copy token

kubectl proxy --address='' --accept-hosts='^*$'

open browser


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