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I'm an ancient history and classics graduate. Sadly, studying ancient Romans, Greeks, their cultures and languages did not lead to many job opportunities. It did lead me to the military where after a brief stint as a pilot in training I ended up being a public affairs officer working in social media. After leaving the military and working in marketing for 4 years, I started building web sites, which lead to learning how to code, and freelancing full time.


Wow, ancient history, piloting, social media. Interesting :). Is freelancing full time a realistic thing to do? How does it compare to holding a 9 to 5 job? Thx for the input.


I only went full time once I had enough clients. I've been full time for two years and pretty much matched my pay from my marketing job. Half my time is spent doing sales activities, (networking, client meetings, meeting prospects, etc) and the other is actual project work.


I started my career as a pilot as well :D Spent a few years in the Brazilian Air Force.

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