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Self-Service BI Users


Recently I had some discussion with my colleagues about the users for Self Service BI. I believe that there are three main types of users for Self-Service BI.

What is Self-Service BI?

Self-Service BI is implemented to allow user to easily drill down, drill through charts, tables and maps to understand data in multiple dimensions in a quick and easy fashion.

It can be refreshed on a periodic basis (Eg. Realtime, Daily and Monthly Refresh)
It should not cover all the use cases, and should only cover 80% of the requirements. The rest of the requirements could be covered off in another separate report.

Graphics (Eg. Charts, table and maps) can be be easily manipulated by an individual with some basic understanding of how a database works without any actual coding required.

Users of Self-Service BI Tool

Users Details User Goal Possible User Roles
Consumer - Decision Using Data to Make Decision Want somebody to help to use data to answer questions that they have, or want to track if everything is on track on a one-page view as they do not have the time to figure out how to operate the Self-Service BI tool. Management Team
Consumer - Discover Using Data to Discover Insights Will interact with the data by drilling down, through charts, tables and maps that are pre-designed by Analyst or Data Scientist. Middle Management and all other employees (Not inclusive of Analyst and Data Scientist)
Recommend / Consumer - Discover Manipulate Data to Discover Insights Wanted to be able to combine multiple data sets from one or more sources, and manipulate the data to recommend / discover insights. The manipulation can come from technical transformation of data, or / and the aesthetics visuals via the Charts, Tables and Maps to visualize the information. Analyst, Data Scientist and anybody who has a technical bent

What do you Think?

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