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External plugins in is an app that helps you create diagrams. There are different ways to access the app, but I will be talking about the desktop app specifically.

Sometimes the default functionality isn't enough, and so there is a mechanism to add more abilities through plugins.

Plugins can be accessed through the Extras>Plugins... menu. The modal that pops up shows the plugins that are enabled.

Plugin pop up

If you want to add more plugins you can select the Add button and pick from some built-in plugins.

External plugins disabled

By default external (custom) plugins are not allowed. To allow external plugins you need to start the app with an option that enables them. Here is an example of the command I used in Windows:

./ --enable-plugins
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After starting the app again, going to the plugin modal, and clicking the Add button; the ui should have a drop down to select a local plugin file.

External plugins enabled

Here is the release that disabled the external plugins by default.

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Gokulakrishnan Shankar

How do we need to load the external plugin in browser?