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re: Nice write-up! learning Haskell and functional programming is like learning everything all over again This is so incredibly true. I'm interest...

Thank you very much for commenting, is nice to re check that I am not the only one who struggles with this. Thank you for the resources, I will make sure to read them once I get into the IO monad, I don't want to rush thing so I am following books and coding a long the way while trying to use only what I read.

Haskell is indeed challenging, but it is fun and painful at the same time ahha.


I think you're right here too: "this adventure can lead me to a place I would never want to come back from."

I don't use much Haskell anymore, not as much as I should but the process of learning it unlocked something I've never lost - it affects how I approach all problems, even in OOP projects.

That is good to hear, for now is only a hunch. I still need to do a lot of learning and practicing before it actually changes the way I solve problems and approach different implementations on my daily OOP job.

I think for me it doesn't necessarily always affect my implementations (but definitely some of them), but it did shift how I think about problems in a general sense, and how I explore a problem I don't fully understand.

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