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Krayin - Opensource Laravel CRM Package

Krayin is a Free & Opensource Laravel CRM solution for SMEs and Enterprises for complete customer lifecycle management. It automates your organization’s Sales and Marketing Operations, as a result, exponential growth in sales.

Easy Installation

Create the krayin project with just a few installation command

composer create-project krayin/laravel-crm
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php artisan krayin-crm:install
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Major features of Krayin are as follows:

Lead Management

Lead Management simply refers to system activities, lead capturing, lead tracking, and convert leads into opportunities.

Krayin - Lead Management

Assign leads to the sales team and manage your employee activities with the customers to do the right follow-up. Mark lead as won or lost so that you can view live records on the dashboard.

ACL System

ACL is the best way to define who gets to access what. Assign users to a specific role so that users have access to certain records.

Krayin - ACL

Control on who can edit the records, who can create the records and who can delete the records. As an administrator, you can configure users and roles.

Activities Management

Activities are actions and responsibilities the software exists to help your company’s team to avoid missing opportunities.

Krayin - Activity Management

Laravel CRM activities include meetings, calls, and notes. So the sales team will not miss any follow-up.



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