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re: Should I go NoSQL or SQL for my specific app case? Or both? VIEW POST


oh boy :) This is something I have wrestled with a lot!

I decided to use MySQL over MongoDB for the following reasons:

1) I already knew a bit about MySQL
2) MySQL would definitely handle the job
3) There were relationships in my data, and I didn't want to manage those relationships manually using MongoDB.
4) There was simply no compelling reason to use MongoDB, and with the lack of a clear reason, I had to go with what I knew to stay productive.

The way I see it, if your goal is to create an app, as opposed to learn some NoSQL db, and there is no clear advantage to using NoSQL, your best bet is to get the job done.

It sounds like MySQL or other SQL db like Postgres would be more than capable of handling your requirements.


Yes, this is what I've been wondering as well: is NoSQL really a valid option or am I just excited about learning something new?

I guess I prefer to get the job done, as there are really no compelling reason to go the other way!

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