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Starting with DataDigger version 23, DataDigger will ‘phone home’. This is done to keep track of the number of people that use DataDigger.

Because I am somewhat allergic to applications phoning home, I want to be as transparant as possible on this. That is why I chose to use a method that allows you to opt out and to see the collected statistics yourself

How does it work?

Every day when you start DataDigger for the first time, it will check on new updates. In the same run, it will also call an url on goo.gl (a shortener for urls). The goo.gl link will lead you to the raw version of build.i on GitHub. This is done because that file is extremely small (8 bytes) so it will not slow down startup.

What is collected?

The best answer is to see for yourself. Open the settings screen, go to tab ‘Behaviour’ and press the ‘Statistics’ button. You will then end up on this page


If you do not want to participate, just untick the checkbox and your data will not be collected. If you don’t believe me check the source. It is located in wDataDigger.w, search for “PINGBACK”


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