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Too Strict Compile Option

Lately I received a few reports that DataDigger would not compile using the new strict compile settings in 11.7. That did not surprise me at all, because I never focussed on that so there might have been a few abbreviated keywords lingering around.

And indeed there were quite a few. Around 100 to be more specific. Of that number only a handful were due to my coding, but the majority came from the UIB that generates code with abbreviated keywords.

Since I expected that this would be fixed in 11.7 in the UIB, I opened up the DataDigger main window in the UIB and saved it again, but nothing changed. So I created a new blank window and inspected it afterwards. To my surprise I found this :


Note the red marks in the gutter. The error that is reported is:

Cannot reference “VARIABLE” as “VAR” due to the

“require-full-keywords” compiler option. (18494)

Sounds like a bug to me, but bottom line is that you cannot use the strict compiler options in combination with DataDigger. Until it is fixed, that is.

Update: I logged a question on the PSDN community page which got picked up. It appears to be a bug indeed.

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