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Discussion on: Angular 8 and IE 11

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Paula Penedo (she/her) Author

I thought the same when developing the app, but from my experience, that wasn't working as expected. Maybe it's something on my app, but when I tried to run it on IE 11 using browserstack, I would always get an error.

Hope you have a better experience than I had. And good luck with the upgrade!

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Jay Vincent

Hmmm. Ok, that is good to know - I won't skip the practical browser testing then!

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I made my app run in IE 11 without changing the target:
I did everything above except for changing the target in tsConfig.json
however, I also installed and decommented web-animations-js in polyfill.ts:
import 'web-animations-js'; // Run npm install --save web-animations-js.

I believe this part is missing from the article