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Discussion on: Resigning with grace

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After you've landed a job:

  • Send a resignation letter

I believe you've missed a step before sending that letter: Resign verbally to your line manager (where you can state reasons etc. if you really want/have to.)

The resignation letter should be a simple affair with only a few sentences, detailing the fact you're resigning, and your last day at work. Possibly confirming your understanding of what's happening with untaken holiday.

"Thanks for the memories" optional.

But it should be sent after you've had that conversation.

The resignation letter is not the place for airing gripes, or explaining how fantastic the offer you're taking up is, or anything else you'd've had in that conversation with your line manager.

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Sylwia Vargas Author • Edited

Thank you for your comment — I agree! If you see the section before that (and the comments I wrote), you’ll see that that’s exactly what I propose 💕

EDIT: Hmmm I see how this could not be clear — I’ll add more direct phrasing. But, yes, my process definitely involves keeping my manager up to date with the job search news, which also included the verbal resignation.

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