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Popup Magento extension by FMEAddons allows you to display important information or message to your users when they visit your website. You can create product specific popup which is displayed only on the specific product page, and the global popup is displayed on all the pages of the website. With popup extension, you can also display the popup window to the specific group of customers.

Key Features of Popup Plugin for Magento:

  • Static block for popup
  • Add catchy banners, links, images and text in a popup
  • Display pop-ups on CMS, home, category and product pages
  • Popup Window is responsive
  • Set the size of popups
  • 100% money back guaranty
  • Free lifetime support

Download Popup Extension for Magento

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Hi, My name is a Paul Simmons, an eCommerce web designer. I develop eCommerce plugins for popular shopping carts such as Magento, WooCommerce, WordPress, OpenCart and Joomla. You can find my some extension at this link: https://www.fmeaddons.com


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