re: How to make your own (no template) personal website with React, Material UI, and Netlify VIEW POST

re: Yes! No costs for me, just the domain purchase with Namecheap, but Netlify is totally free for my purposes here :)

That's pretty sweet.

For your continuous deployments, do you do this directly from the console? Assuming your code is on GitHub, is it possible to deploy certain branches/tags?

For my personal and business site, I am currently using Amazon S3. The setup process was pretty cumbersome at the beginning but the CI/CD pipelines with Bitbucket make it worth it afterwards.

You can deploy certain branches, and you can trigger the deployments on every commit pushed to your branch automatically. I created a small website covidtrackerlite, it is hosted on github and connected with netlify for deployments. As of now I am using the master branch only.

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