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Pavan Belagatti
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Free DevOps Conferences for Developers in 2021

Listing here some industry's top DevOps conferences to attend in 2021. These are free and virtual so you can attend from anywhere.

New year, new beginnings, and new conferences. It’s that time of the year again, where conference attendees review different conferences to attend. To make your review and research easy, here are the top five best DevOps virtual conferences you can attend for free. Well, we’re only talking about virtual conferences, as they seem to be working well and involve fewer headaches for both the organizers and the attendees. Just sign up, reserve your seat and attend, it’s as simple as that.

Why attend virtual conferences?

Conferences provide wide visibility into market trends. As an individual, it’s impossible to know everything that is happening around the industry, especially the software industry. Conferences give us a chance to see things from different perspectives. Knowing how others are solving their engineering problems, what best practices they are using, how they deploy to production, etc., gives us the confidence to tackle our problems. Demos, practical approaches, and learning things from top experts (speakers) is yet another advantage we have as attendees. As the world has gone virtual, it has become easy to attend these conferences with our laptops/desktops, right from the comfort of our home office.

Without any further delay, let’s see some of the industry’s best DevOps conferences this year.

1. swampUP

Date: May 25 - 27 (AMERICAS) | June 1-3 (EMEA)

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swampUP is one of the most highly-recognized global DevOps conferences that is meant for DevOps practitioners around the globe. This conference puts you at the center of DevOps.

It’s about all the stuff you ever wanted to know and understand from an engineering perspective. It empowers the attendees with actionable tips and patterns and use cases to drive DevOps initiatives with modern CI/CD, package management, and security best practices. swampUP enables attendees to talk to the leading DevOps gurus live and ask their queries.

What is unique about this conference?

It also includes three full days of hands-on DevOps training, keynotes, breakout sessions, real-world use cases with renowned speakers and brands, and comprehensive, deep-dive tutorials.

2. DevSecOps Days

Date: March 5, 2021

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DevSecOps Days is a renowned conference that happens in various cities and is organized towards the latest security best practices in DevOps. Mostly focused on the topics and talks related to adding Security to DevOps. This conference is organized with a fundamental goal of helping to educate, share knowledge, evolve, and explore technologies and concepts, keeping security as the focal point in software development. That's what we call developing security as code. Volunteers from the local community organize the event.

What is unique about this conference?

Attendees of DevSecOps Days will get a chance to talk to the industry's leading security practitioners, and they come away with insights about implementing security, automating security, overcoming challenges in DevSecOps, and Scaling security best practices.

3. DockerCon

Date: May 27, 2021

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Who doesn't love Docker, the tech that popularized the container technology. If you are a DevOps enthusiast and would love to know more about working with container tech, DockerCon is the conference for you. So much is happening around Docker these days, and this makes it worth attending the event. DockerCon is an industry-recognized conference that has full of

  • Technical demos of products and innovations around container technology from Docker and their partners.

  • In-depth, real-world Docker use cases on how others are using it to streamline their software development.

  • Technical sessions from Docker experts & Captains and notables from across the industry.

  • A chance to get-together for the community and connect with collaborators around the world.

What is unique about this conference?

The conference is for everyone from beginners to experts because Docker is a universal DevOps tool, and there is so much to learn about it. This is the right place to hang out and chat with Docker experts and Docker captains.

4. DevOps World

Date: September 22-24

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While talking about the best DevOps conferences, you can't ignore DevOps World. DevOps World is one of the premier DevOps events where they describe WHAT meets HOW. This conference brings DevOps thought leaders, software practitioners, developers, contributors, and the entire DevOps ecosystem in one place. What else can attendees expect?

Well, apart from interacting with all these industry experts, it also provides them the opportunity to learn, share, explore, and help mold the future of software development and delivery best practices.

What is unique about this conference?

Attendees get hands-on experience on various new DevOps technologies and make new connections in the industry.

5. cdCon

Date: June 23 – 24, 2021

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cdCon is one more must-attend conference when it comes to DevOps practices. It is a two-day virtual conference on delivering software with security and speed. A global conference where continuous delivery thought leaders, industry experts, practitioners, and open source experts and developers get together to deliver world-class talks. The attendees get to be part of the conversations driving the future of software delivery, enterprise leadership, and open source technology.

What is unique about this conference?

cdCon is the best place for networking with industry thought leaders. Attendees will get to hear about the latest trends in software delivery from experts. Meet and explore open-source technologies and enthusiasts.

6. DevOps India Summit

Date: August 27-28, 2021

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One of the APAC region's top conferences is DevOps India Summit.

The conference theme this year is “Adapting to Industry 4.0 with DevSecOps, SRE, AI/ML/IoT and Data Science”. This conference focuses on the broad topics related to SRE, Data Science, and DevSecOps. It talks about Industry 4.0, which refers to the fourth industrial revolution comprised & focused on the rising trends in automation, IoT, big data, AI, and cloud computing technologies.

What is unique about this conference?

Apart from industry best speakers and panel discussions, it enables attendees to interact with sponsors, yoga sessions, DJ party, Fire-Side chat on booking, and much more.

I’ll close this amazing list by wishing all of us an amazing year for DevOps and all the best in learning new technologies and adopting them into your organizations to solve various engineering problems.

Happy DevOpsing!!!

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