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'Data' in Databases !

Let's start with standard definition of database 🛢, "A database is a collection of related data." But before digging into term #database ; let us understand the term data first. Aah, you must be saying ,' what a crap ! We know about the data.'

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Yes ! You know what is data ; you might know some of the facts of the data. Data is most valuable commodity📈 in the world 🌎. Many of you must be preparing for #MAANG companies , have you ever thought ; why turnover of these companies goes into huge figures. What is their business , what they exchange? Valid question, no?

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Because , they have data !

We create data , just as nails grows (4.5 quadrillion data is created in FY21 😱); we don't need to take extra efforts🤗. We create data every now and then! By we meaning 'we', it includes our iphones 🤳, drones , laptops , camera and cars now-a-days.

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We create data , and tech giant collects those data ; they captures it ! That's their business. Why to capture data ? Because data is like a time or like a brain ; if you don't use it ; it gets wasted.

Who does the capturing work 📸 ; here comes the #databases💾 . How do you define a database?
A database is an organized collection of structured information, or data, typically stored electronically in a computer system.

How much data we capture ; in FY21 we have stored almost 44 zettabytes of data.

But , restriction alert ⚠️ Without a #query (command) in #database ; we are powerless.

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Though , we define database as , it's a collection of data , a method of for accessing and manipulating that data.
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In simplest term data is nothing but hardware associated with software just like computer ; in-fact it is a computer!🖥️
Though there are some fancy images over the internet. In the most fundamental form it is a computer , period!

Again , the most beautiful thing about database is that we can this databases by using our iphones , smartphones and laptops.

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That's all ! You've learnt almost everything about data in #database_management perspective only. Will see the databases in more details in upcoming series of articles.

Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast.

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