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Remote or back to the office? Think about the commute time.

Hey fellow devs!

It seems that more and more of us are delicately prompted to go back to the office. Most managers are justifying it by lack of spontaneous interactions (which can be easily tackled with by using for online socials as a zoom alternative), need of physical space for virtual socials and happy hours and problems with mentoring junior members.

Rarely though we take commute times into account. Assuming an average commute time of 90 minutes a day, in around a decade one will spend ~450 days of full-time work being a train passenger. That's 3600 hours.

Thinking long term, in 25 years this will amount to 9000 hours.

Want to calculate how many hours will you waste over a decade on commute? I just build a simple calculator alongside a blog post - Should my remote team be back in an office?

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