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Came back with a few more comments (sorry if I am too picky :D )

  • Yes, the tags are visible. This was my bad, but I think it is because adding tags is a bit misleading. I added them as "tag1, tag2, tag3", instead you have to press enter after each tag. Because I did not, initially there were no tags added. Maybe this can be improved.
  • Yes, saw the page about getting points right after I commented here. I though that writting articles gets you points as well and was confused as to why I still got 5 after 2 articles. Why doesn't article submission get you points?

Anyway, there are many good things and I really like the site. Keep up the good work.

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Bobby Iliev Author

Hey again 👋,

Yes absolutely! Love your feedback!

Giving points for posted articles is actually a good idea, maybe I could limit it to a certain number of posts that give you points each day, so that it does not get abused.

Thanks again!

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