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How to get 15k+ pages indexed by Google in 24 hours

Before starting, I want to thank David Künnen and his post. It inspired me to do own test and share results.

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As part of a web application development company, I often run into problems when it`s difficult for a new startup to get enough audience from organic search. We know that the main thing is the quality of content, backlinks or tech issues, but what is the first? Technically uninformed people forget about it. The main thing you should think about is indexing.

indexing by google

And the larger the project, the more indexation matters. This is important for content projects and UGC portals. Earlier I saw projects on tens of millions of pages. You must get the search engine to see new pages very quickly and refresh the old pages after the changes.

How many pages indexed by google

SEO for Startups

These are the usual goals of many startups that have a lot of information. Search traffic is their KPI for growing cheaper customers.

  • SaaS
  • Social Media
  • Web Directories

Experiment methodology

The purpose of the experiment is to check how many pages get into the Google search engine index and how long it will take.

Prepare Content

I have compiled a database of more than 15 thousand rows. I asked my close developer to convert this content to 15 thousand web pages according to my template.
<!DOCTYPE html>
<h1>My links</h1>
<p>All my Links for You!</p>
<a href="/xxx1.html">link</a>
<a href="/xxx2.html">link</a>
<a href="/xxx15000.html">link</a>

Use Gitlab!

After I registered the domain and parked the GitLab repository. In this repository, I created one /index.html page with 15 thousand links to the new web pages.

Use Search Console!

When I made sure that the content is accessible and there are no broken links, I added the domain to the Webmaster’s Console. Thanks to the URL verification tool, the Google bot went to the /index.html page. It is done.


The next day, I only checked the number of pages in the search engine index. The screenshot of the result:
my indexing test pic

Less than 24 hours have passed and all pages are in the Google index. A few years ago I conducted a similar experiment but with only 2 thousand pages. I must say that then I used the sitemap + CMS Pages path. All pages were indexed only after 5 days, gradually increasing speed.


I think that fast hosting + static pages is a great way to quickly get your content on Google.

For the future, I am looking for new content ideas for a new big database for the test. I want to check the new Goal of 100 thousand pages or more.
If you have any ideas, please contact me!

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