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How is Flutter different for app development?

As we all know Flutter is amazing, easy and allow us to build multi-platforms apps. In this thread I want to list some points about Flutter that differ from other frameworks.

Reactive views with no bridge

Flutter does not have a bridge between platforms to render your app instead Flutter render the UI into your app so that is become more faster and smoother and of course a real multiplatform framework.

Fast, smooth, and predictable UI

Your app will run fast and look the same for every device and platform. You also have a choice to switch between Material, Cupertino appearance for your app, or even build your own custom look.

Full control over the rendering stack

Flutter give us control of every pixel on the screen, so you have the freedom to do whatever you want.

Great development experience with Hot Reload

Hot Reload allow you to see the changes made in the code with less than one second.

Deploy to multiple platforms from one codebase

Run your Flutter app in Android, iOS, Web, Desktop, and more without any code changes. Support for some platform stil in alpha but the Flutter team is doing a great work and we should have it in few months.

Lots and lots of fun

You will have fun writing widgets and hitting Ctrl+S for hot reload your app.

Obs: I take this key points from this video presented by Martin Aguinis.

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