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Discussion on: I'm an ex-bartender/waiter who is now a web developer and DevOps engineer, Ask Me Anything!

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Richard Lenkovits Ask Me Anything

Geat question! And the answer:
Managing operations between departments in a hotel.

A lot of times I had situations when I was organizing functions or daily service and information was scarce. Just some examples:

  • Finding out in the last minute that the couple changed the wedding welcome drinks three days ago, but the concierge forgot to hand you the sticky note he wrote it on.
  • Asking the kitchen that is a 5-minute walk away if they finished the cakes for the 16 people afternoon tea session - when you can't make the walk as you're alone in the bar and there are guests pouring in.
  • Checking the cellar stock if there are enough beer kegs for the festival days without going down to physically count them.
  • Running all the way to reception -leaving the bar unmanned again- to ask them to call housekeeping to check if a given room is ready for a guest who keeps asking you in the bar if her/his room is ready yet.

It would be nice to fix this somehow. Actually, maybe even a proper slack group could solve these things with proper notifications. :D