The Definite Guide to Pick the Correct Music While Working

Periklis Gkolias on August 27, 2018

I only know few semi-god-concentration-giants who don’t work with headphones, while being productive at their company’s -usually noisy- office an... [Read Full]
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Wow, this is one of the more thorough examinations of this subject I've ever read.


Awesome article!

Small thing I'd like to add though: for people listening to a lot music (meaning: often and for long periods of time), do prefer a headset to headphones.

Long story short, headphones sound isolation is poor, making you increase the volume. In-ear headphones are even worse because they increase pressure in the ear.

Also, prefer a headset that encompasses your whole ear, that's more comfortable on the long run and it also provide a better isolation.

My last advice would be to go for a wireless headset (like a bluetooth one), these are quite affordable today and, again, if you use it for long periods of time, not having a cable is a true relief.

Take care of your ears and earing :)


Totally agree. Wireless has some cons for me, but it is really handy.


A solid article is always pleasant to read.
From everything you've listed here, I'm only familiar with freeCodeCamp Radio, reason being that I've found early on the effects of OST's on my work habits.
OST's tend to do the trick for me as they're designed to boost listeners focus and be relaxing at the same time.
So go to youtube and search "<your favorite title here> OST", tune in and see if it'll work for you.


I listen to OSTs of (mostly) Japanese video games for the same reason 😀


Great article! I imagine that's what most people would think coders listen to. I say that because people are shocked that I listen to rock/metal music a lot, but generally, that's only when I need some inspiration. If I'm wanting to zone it, I normally put on a few hour long mix of House or Trance music.


Thank you. Metal music is great, I still believe we are a minority in the software world, though. Most people I believe prefer more dancy hits.


If you want to zone out to some heavy metal, give the DOOM soundtrack a listen (the 2016 game)


Wow, this is some interesting stuff to check out. Typically I just use Spotify and play a track or list of songs that suit my mood or needs. Fractal Panda looks really interesting, I may have to check that out more. Thanks!


Sweet! Great list! I'm glad I'm not the only one microwaving my brains with binaural beats. I use a site/app called as well as the excellent resource


Mynoise really rocks. I will totally donate.

Why are you calling binaurals, microwaves? I think microwaves are potentially harmful, whereas binaurals seem quite more innocent, unless abusing them(like all things of course)


That was just a joke, the thrumming of the binaurals only seems like it would melt your brain.

That makes sense and I agree. Thats why I usually combine them(fractal panda has such mixer) with nature sounds

If you like Fractal Panda's mixer, I suggest checking out It's by the same guy who does the myNoise stuff but in a much more simple UI. It's worth paying a couple bucks to unlock all the options as well.


Everytime I'm writing CSS,I put on some downtempo instrumental in the background. It puts you in a state of 'concentration trance' as I like to call it.

This is what I'm listening to right now.


I generally tend toward "liquid dub" and/or less chaotic techno-ish music, when i need to concentrate.

Have you heard of music to code by? Carl Franklin from dotnetrocks/2ketodudes is behind this - I haven't listened to the new stuff, but at least tracks 1-7 I thoroughly enjoyed.


Nice post! I like a bit of new wavey stuff but more 80's and less kygo-y haha. Also love the interface even though it's just pulling SoundCloud it makes it less noisey and it has games! Also which is the fancy site for a great youtube channel. React Rally also puts out awesome annual playlists too :).


This guide is amaaazing! I would always find myself trying to literally pick the right music that wasn't boring but also wasn't distracting.


Yes, thank you very much. I know how to find and choose my own ringtone (klingelton)


I'm missing classical music in that list. For example, Bach's Suite No. 3 "Air" on the G string is excellent for concentrated work.


I am mentioning classical music in the article's body, but I think you are right, I should have put a good reference in the last section.


"Instrumental Music makes me smile" - I read this in my batman voice o_o^

Also, nice article!


I'm not sure how Dinosaur Jr and The Pixies fit into this equation but that's what I was streaming yesterday while working on some SQL queries.


no brostep
no bossa nova
no lofi hip-hop for studying (with anime background)
no tibetan throat singing

What kind of article is this?

Is this what Python does to people?

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