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My First Blog About Game Development.


Today I'm writing because I recently came back to using ClickTeam Fusion 2.5. I've used the program before and tried making games on it. I like the program because the program has like it's own logic system where it doesn't require to know code at all and you can make games both on android and ios on it.

My game development

My game development started in summer, but the development had to be stopped because school has recently started. Now that I have some free time and found my files in my google disc I'm continuing the work I started.

Main problems

Main problems was that I have made 2 potions ( health, and strenght ) but I had a problem with figuring out 50/50% to drop them, everytime I killed a mob I got only one potion.

The other problem was text above the potions, Basically I wanted to make so that you could see what potions give after using it. But the text got spread out trough all of the application, so I'm working on fixing it.

Future plans.

The future plans was that when I got to the point of running the game properly I'll start to making characters that actually look like characters and not colored blocks HAHA!

Next plan is learning #JavaScript (JS) so I could transfer my game to a website. And making forums aswell.

The next thing is introducing Multiplayer to the game where you can create lobbies and co-op with your friends.

-That's all for now, thank you for reading!

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