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Discussion on: I feel like the quality of posts in Dev is deteriorating

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The fact that these new and fresh minds will read content that is either outdated or just inaccurate. They'll build their foundations on these incorrect fundamentals and eventually end up having to correct themselves down the line

This seemed like the biggest problem - but lately, it seems like the "Hi, here's the best standards practices for HTML (I just learned about HTML this morning)" Type posts are the opposite.

it just never ends up reaching the author.

Or... they stalk you on instagram and fight you because they are offended that you pointed out that their 'best practice' was a pile of code-smell...

You could call them resource lists

"37 best text editors in 2019"

Plagiarization is a pretty serious thing, so I'd rather see authors just straight out not be able to post for a while

Yes, please. Rewriting the docs as a "guide" is a thing we see a lot


A polite and secret 'opt-out' might be a win. Or a "not for me" note for the filter. Is there a feed option to only see people you follow? That could be the opposite approach.

We'll admit to a few of these gaffs - just to show that we're more interested in the conversation than the blame: Here's an example where we put a blurb up about an article we wrote somewhere else: enough-to-be-dangerous-is-dangerous - but ALSO - here's an article - [baby-talk-for-computers-it-s-all-key-value-pairs]( that we wrote here - that basically, no one will see because of the sheer volume of posts and the random feeds the blur the trail / so, we'll just end up moving it somewhere else eventually.

It feels like this is more of a free-for-all RSS feed than a publishing platform. When ads are the goal - then 'more' is all that matters as far as content... at some stages. New people... more content... but - it does feel like more work to find things that we value / and that we can devote time to than it needs to be.

It's rough. It is worth the investment? Is it only a place for brand new "tech" industry people to practice writing?

discussions don't seem to happen

and - sometimes - for example / we just don't care about Rust right now. It doesn't mean we don't like Rust... but - it's just of no practical interest to us right now... so - really / we would love a little "my topics" that worked out for us.

But - at least you don't just get banned for posting a link like on most Reddit subs.

When is it spam? (speaking of... we have a post in draft! that we need to finish....)

Because the internet is made of links - and even Google is not sure how to deal with the lack of things linking to each other. The internet is killing itself.

Everything is a work in progress!