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Enough to be dangerous - is dangerous.

"For the last 10 years - I’ve been hearing all about what people want - and seeing first-hand, how they are going about getting it."

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Many people want to “learn to code.” They want a job that’s easier and provides them a lot more money. They feel like it’s attainable - and everyone says it’s easy. You can make lots of money - and they say you can learn it all for free. Now, if you know me - then you’ll know the second I hear the word “free,” I start looking for the hidden cost.

When you send someone surfing across The Web to find books and free courses to teach them ‘to code’ (as fast as possible), what do you think happens? There are hundreds of thousands of tutorials and videos and opinions and everything you can imagine.

It wasn’t always that way. There used to be some books and some publishers that acted as gatekeepers and created reliable teaching materials. But the market is now completely flooded and it’s yesterday’s novices who are pointing today’s newest students to the worst of the educational materials with great enthusiasm.

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