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Continued Work in ER Diagrams for SQL Databases

In a recent TechCrunch article, Albion college,a small school in Michigan, was being brought up for their implementation of what seems to be the worst app to track Covid-19 cases on campus. What was really intriguing about this article is just how horrible the idea/ implementation of it was. Students were notified that they were forced to use the app, Aura, two weeks before classes started, without an option to opt out. Along with that notification, they also provided very strict guidelines for students while on campus. Not only would they be tracked 24/7, but the would be forced to stay on campus.

With these regulations, what seemed to be a small college basically turned into a somewhat nicer prison. While schools should have regulations to help prevent the spread of covid-19 on their campuses, adult students shouldn't b forced into a monitoring system that invades on their personal lives. Along with the app being over the top in their 24/7 monitoring, the security with it is horrible. Many people who tried found very easy security breaches that can allow for students' locations and covid-19 results. These leaks can even allow for students who may not be cleared to take advantage of them and gain access to campus buildings and public areas.

As a student of a much bigger school in comparison to Albion college, seeing how these measures are not in place makes me feel more comfortable being here. I know being here puts me at a much bigger risk than other people, but with how schools go to prevent the spread of covid-19, Penn State's prevention methods are much better than Albion college. Personally if Penn State adopted a method of 24/7 tracking, I would spend my semester at home. With the reasoning for this app being made, it does bring up the question of whether your privacy is worth more than your safety. That question can provide a multitude of different answers, but personally, as someone who won't die from covid-19, I would choose my privacy over my safety. Even though many websites and apps can monitor your location, the Aura app is an exception because it mandates 24/7 tracking with implications on a student's education if found in violation of it.

When looking at things they could have done better, I have multiple ideas. In terms of tracking students, you could track ID card swipes. By doing this, administrators can know where students last swiped into, getting some semblance of a location on the student body. Another idea comes from a device that's already been made. It is like a beeper that you carry on you, and if you get to close to another beeper, they emit a loud beeping noise. This way it can enforce social distancing.

Updates to my COVID-19 Risk ER Diagram

Looking at what I made last week and seeing how I could improve my model. I remodeled my conceptual diagram along with my Excel diagram with tuples.

Conceptual Diagram


Physical Diagram

lab3 two

Diagram with Tuples

lab3 three

Video with Closer Look into the Diagrams

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