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At the moment Cyberpunk 2077 trailer soundtrack more often than not.

But also God Of War soundtrack, Mr Robot soundtrack, latest Doom soundtrack, John Wick soundtrack... hmmm... There seems to be a pattern here :D


Doom soundtrack is just pure (argent) energy :D


Yeah, pretty good for getting pumped up, but doesn't get "in the way", if that makes sense. Guess that's the beauty of soundtracks, they are designed to be on background.

That is a solid point -- anytime you hear a game has a good soundtrack, it tends to be one to get you hyped without being distracting.

Or it's Brutal Legend where they got a ton of amazing licensed material that fit the feel of the game.

Ah man Brutal Legend... Wish they did a sequel for that one, v solid game (minus the RTS :D ) in my opinion.

Same! If I remember correctly, it requires tweaking to work on modern systems. I'd like to see a GOG version that Just Works or a full-blown remaster (with adjustments to the RTS)

It was free on Amazon Prime few days ago. I think Double Fine now owns the IP so if they wanted to, they could make another, but I guess they're busy with smaller games now. Kind of makes sense, going solo with massive open world AAA games is a big risk.

Tim Schafer (Double Fine's founder) is willing to make a sequel to the game and the last official news were basically "It will done... eventually."

Last time I heard about it the main reported issue was... money. Although the deal was "if Psychonauts 2 does well, Brutal Legend 2 will be possible"... and Psychonauts 2 crowd-funding was indeed pretty successful 😀

The biggest thing with money is getting the licensed songs and the big name actors and singers to be voice actors... it'd need to be a huge Kickstarter to get that to line up again

Yeah, that's the reason why the first has no songs from artists like Iron Maiden, too expensive :'(

There is slight problem that big games usually take 3-5 years complete, but seeing as music biz struggles, wouldn't be surprised if artists would see this as way to PR their band and not charge full price.

I'm actually trying to convince few bands I know or am related to through family, showing off little Guitar Hero rip-offs I've put together in GameMaker, but smaller bands are very... erm... slow to put much effort into promo :D


You can switch it up and do something like the Videogames Meet Metal albums from Erock. Skyrim Meets Metal is great :D


Cheers, will check it out later :)

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