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Discussion on: How we lost $800/mo with Amazon ECS Fargate

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Peter P • Edited

Ah, thank you for this article. I am glad to know I am not alone.

We got hit by this with our ScheduledTasks which run in Fargate. We were testing development out of ScheduledTasks in a new Fargate cluster and we set a scheduled task to run every minute. So every minute we were downloading the image through our NatGateway!! Ack! Our excess bill was in the $2k range :((

Indeed, it seems the solution is VPC endpoints. Its crazy that AWS doesn't make this mandatory. Why would anyone want to go out to the public internet for their container on ECR?

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Raphael Jambalos Author

AWS is so sneaky with this hidden charge. I feel crazy for missing it for months. I agree that VPC endpoints are the permanent fix for this. But I think a team should have someone reviewing their AWS bill every month to look into every charge so this kind of mistake can be caught early.