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I tried to embrace the "liberal arts" mindset when I got to college. I decided pretty early on that I would let my passion and authentic interest guide my course-load as opposed to optimizing for career prospects or the optics of "hard skills." I loved building abstract arguments and defending them, and debating ideas, and English classes were great for those intellectual exchanges.

I've never felt "limited" whatsoever by that decision. It's increasingly common to continue developing professional skills post-graduation; so I think the primary goal of school should be to hone your ability to self-learn, rather than give you all the knowledge you'll need.

The Montel Show was part a pretty crazy experience. I was fifteen and on a helicopter tour in Hawaii when I noticed a glint of light way below us on the black ground of a lava field. I knew that people sometimes used flashing lights to communicate an SOS signal, so I mentioned it to the pilot.

It turned out to be a hiker that had been lost for five days who was using a piece of mirror to try and signal helicopters. He had been at it for days and they had called off the search for his body. They invited us on for a "meet your hero" episode. It was pretty nuts. Here's a link with some more info.

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