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re: Hi Mr Peter, Please don't take this in an offensive way. But What is the business side of . Coz I've never seen any ad or sponsored post...

Hello Aswath, no offense taken. This is an AMA after all :)

I talk about the business side a bit here. The long/short is that we don't have revenue-generating features quite yet, but we'll be rolling out some offerings soon. We're committed to making sure those new initiatives add value for our members.

The strategy to drive traffic is relatively simple: work hard to provide our members with a platform to share knowledge and find support. That means building a good product and cultivating a positive community that people want to frequent and commit their time/energy/thoughts into.

More tactically, we drive traffic through direct traffic (habitual usage, links); social media (Twitter and Facebook, mostly); and search engines.

My work-life largely entails dealing with inbound email; sending outbound emails; managing finances, strategy, and personnel with Ben/Jess; spearheading special projects (IE our sticker campaign or the launch of the new shop); and everything in between. Because I'm the least likely to have my head stuck in a coding editor, I'm often the first call to deal with the "everything else" that running a business demands.

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