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Thanks for sharing Damien, this is super interesting. Level 4 seems like revenue-generating "side-project" territory.

In freelancing, of course, there's opportunity cost in everything you do. If you're not putting energy into a Level 1/2/3 income-generating project, you're definitionally forgoing revenue. However, it seems that side projects tend to draw from a different well of creative energy, and could maybe be considered through a different prism relative to more direct-income opportunities. More as an evergreen escape and opportunity to learn (and to hopefully make money).


Balancing the Level 4 is probably one of the trickiest level to balance. In a lot of cases, you are your own client. So you have to discipline yourself to work for the exciting Level 4 projects, and discipline yourself to NOT work on those exciting Level 4 projects. As you said, the time spent for these projects means you are not working for money right now...

So... exciting and rewarding and also dangerous :D

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