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re: Nop, that's Python

Python is just so boring language. In comparison to many other languages looks old and misses modern concepts.
Moreover, it is quite different from C#, Java, Kotlin, Delphi... so if somebody wants to learn or work in those languages Python is not a good choice to start with.


How is python a boring language? There's so much you can do with it, it's used for ML/AI research. That's pretty not boring.
Python3 is pretty modern, yes there are oddities that you need to be aware of when switching over. But it's a great language to learn on.


I first learned programming with python and then I coded professionally in Java many years. Never had any issues translating my knowledge from one language to the other.


Being a boring language is a plus when learning the first one. And Python is pretty complete both in applications and ecosystem.

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