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Snippet: Change timezone for DateTime object


Convert a Python DateTime object from one timezone to another timezone. This snippet accepts either a naive or aware DateTime object.


# code/

import datetime as dt
import pytz

def to_timezone(datetime_value, tz):
    Convert the given datetime object to a datetime object with the given timezone.
    Accepts both aware and naive datetime objects

    datetime_value: datetime.datetime
    tz: pytz.timezone

    if not isinstance(datetime_value, dt.datetime):
        raise SyntaxError

    if not hasattr(tz, "zone") or not in pytz.all_timezones:
        raise SyntaxError

    if (
        datetime_value.tzinfo is not None
        and datetime_value.tzinfo.utcoffset(datetime_value) is not None
        datetime_value = datetime_value.astimezone(tz)
        datetime_value = tz.localize(datetime_value)

    return datetime_value

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