CompileSwift Podcast: State of the beta's and Foo Foo over Features

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I always appreciate when Apple sends out beta's after I just released a new episode...oh well :)

Sorry, I still can't figure out how to embed an player in a post...anyone? Thanks.

Show Notes

In this episode I talk about the state of the beta releases for the platforms and the developer tools. Then in part 2, are you letting the foo foo get in the way of the features and purpose of your application?

State of the Beta’s

  • iOS 13 Beta 7
  • iPadOS 13 Beta 7
  • watchOS 6 Beta 7
  • macOS Catalina Beta 5
  • tvOS 13 Beta 7
  • Xcode 11 Beta 5

Features over FooFoo

Do not let fancy animations and the UI get in the way of an applications purpose and features.

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