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jboss eap 7.1 without deployment artifact and memory usage

The big question

Do you actually know how much eap-7.1 will use your memory by default?
So before you start deploying your application might as well u do a bit of benchmark.

tools we will be using

  • jboss-eap-7.1 ( duh)
  • visualvm-1.4.2

how we do it

  1. run your eap
  2. fire up your visualvm
  3. connect your visualvm with the right jvm process


heap without any deployment artifact

metaspace without any deployment artifact

number of classes loaded by eap without deployment artifact

things to ponder

  1. What will happen when you deploy simple spring MVC REST hello world?
  2. Do anyone need to know all of these JVM's memory management thingy?

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