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JBOSS EAP 7.1 + Spring boot hello world & visualVm observation


In my previous post, we already knew how much jboss-eap-7.1 will eat up your memory by default ( no deployment ). Now time to see how simple deployment spring boot hello world will eat up our memory inside JBOSS.

tools involved

  1. jboss eap 7.1 ( duh )
  2. visualVm

how we did it

  1. create a simple hello world spring mvc
  2. deploy it into already running jboss eap
  3. monitor the visual vm for increase of memory usage


heap size after deployment:
heap size after deployment

metaspace after deployment:
metaspace after deployment

class loaded after deployment:
class loaded after deployment

some theory on what just happened?

  1. hey this war have bunch of library & class need to be load
  2. object creation causing increase in heap size

things to ponder

  1. what if we deploy another war inside same jboss instance?
  2. what if this new war shared same library with the previous war?

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