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re: Line Clampin'(Truncating Multiline Text) - the smarter way
Love this article.
re: So many strings, so little time.
Thank you for sharing your experience with us, Megan. It's ...
re: 1 Weird CSS Property You Should Use In Your Next Project
Nothing weird about this. It is a common practise since yea...
re: Can CSS variables be watched, (need a smart cookie)
Why should you do this?
re: Do you even use CSS floats these days πŸ€”
Nope. It's been a while since I used it the last time. But ...
re: Templating repetitive code with Hygen
Nice one. I will give it a try! Thanks.
re: Guide to CSS Units for Relative Spacing
This is a very good und useful listing for CSS Units and th...
re: GraphQL for beginners
Great introduction into the topic. Thank you @davinci2015
re: Git cheatsheet inside VS Code
Very useful to have it. Thanks for that. πŸ‘
re: Who Knew Pseudo Elements Were So Great!
You are absolutely right! Pseudo elements are just awesome....
re: Consistent access to browser events with Pointer Events API
If you still want to use touch events: yes. But you can als...
re: Consistent access to browser events with Pointer Events API
touchdown does not exist
re: 70 JavaScript Interview Questions
Thank you for the time and the passion you have spent for t...
re: 100 Free Programming Courses & Tutorials to Start in 2020
Wonderful list! Thank you for that but please... Don't put ...
re: Progressive Web Applications: Under the Hood (PWA)
Good summary of things πŸ‘
re: Imbue-js: Making vanilla JS more attractive
Why don't you use jQuery as a blueprint from an interface p...
re: Problem with localStorage
Agree. He saves the text before changing it.
re: Stacks. What are they? πŸ₯ž
Don't be sorry. ☺️ I like it.
re: 4 Tips for Newbie Software Developer πŸ₯³
5) Stay curious and never stop learning. BTW... Congrats o...
re: How to give effective feedback
Great article! Really like it. πŸ‘