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Happy New Year 2020

From all of us from the Phalcon Team, may 2020 is filled with health and happiness for you and your loved ones!

2019 was filled with excitement. We have released 13 versions of the framework, including a couple of maintenance releases for v3 and alpha, beta etc. versions for v4, culminating with a v4 Stable right before Christmas.

We have added and deleted over 5 million lines of code to the framework and had over 1,750 commits from 24 contributors (and that is only on the main cphalcon repository).

You can see all of the 2019 commits in cphalcon visualized here:

We have also started regular hangouts, usually one a month, to keep the community informed and increased our blog posts for the same reason.

April saw our first bugfest which was a success. We will have another one in April 2020 so get ready!

Right before our v4 Stable release - just before Christmas - we hit a significant milestone. Our cphalcon repository has been starred for more than 10,000 times! We are excited and humbled by your support and trust.

We would like to thank our awesome community for helping us with code submissions, document corrections, reporting bugs, suggesting new features and discussing with us regarding the future and direction of the framework.

You guys are awesome!!

Thank you!

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